[Samba] Samba 3 by Example & Migrations

jonlists jonlists at cbsol.com
Fri Apr 1 14:24:26 GMT 2005

I agree on the migrations and Samba 3 - but I suppose the Samba team would 
appreciate it if rather than just requesting it, maybe some of us should 
provide some content, eh? 

Basically, with smbpasswd, if you take the /etc/shadow, etc/group, and 
/etc/passwd, the contents of /etc/samba, and I believe /var/lib/samba and 
move it to another machine, you've effectively migrated to that machine. 
One key here is keeping the host name the same so that the SID's remain 

You could change the hostname if you restore the SID use the net 
getlocalSID - but keeping the SID intact is the key to keeping your domain 
structure intact. 

I'd do the upgrade to ldbsam (or ldap, if inclined) after you did the 
migration to new hardware. 

Good luck......

Jon Johnston
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samba-bounces+jonlists=cbsol.com at lists.samba.org wrote on 04/01/2005 
08:01:03 AM:

> One topic I can't find in either Samba 3 by Example or the Offical Samba 

> 3 Howto & Reference Guide is that of migrating from a Samba3 server to a 

> newer Samba 3 server (meaning newer hardware in this case).
> We are currently using the smbpasswd backend. I plan to move to tdbsam 
> but that hasn't been done yet. All of the servers in question are 
> running either whitebox 3 or redhat 9 (if it matters) and Samba 3.0.4. 
> Our primary migration goal is to not have to touch all the 2000 
> workstations to rejoin them to the domain.
> I have messed around with manually merging /etc/group, /etc/passwd, 
> /etc/shadow, /etc/samba/smbpasswd and copying /etc/samba/secrets.tdb 
> from the old to the new server and have been able to make this work 
> (once at least so far - I'm still experimenting) but would like to use 
> better methods for the migration.
> I like 'net rpc vampire' on NT4 but that to my surprise doesn't seem to 
> work against a Samba PDC and if it is addressed in a Samba to Samba 
> context in either book I couldn't find it. I'm going to experiment in a 
> little while with converting to tdbsam first but it occured to me that 
> someone out there might be able to cut down on the time I have to spend 
> experimenting if I just ask.
> Anyone done this before?
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