[Samba] Win2003 ADS member server - almost working, ideas?

Tom Skeren tms3 at fskklaw.com
Thu Sep 30 20:27:00 GMT 2004

BSD Samba wrote:

>I am attempting to install a Samba-3.0.0,1 on FreeBSD
>5.2.1-RELEASE server 
I'm running 3.0.7 on 5.2.1 and not able to reproduce the problem.  Maybe 
try 3.0.7. 

>to an existing Windows 2003
>Server Active Directory Domain.
>I've followed Chapter 6 of the HOWTO man to get as far
>as I have.
>#kinit gooduser   --successfully gets a kerberos
>#wbinfo --authenticate=gooduser%goodpassword  --
>successfully authenticates all user accounts (that
>I've tested)
>#wbinfo -u yields "Error geting Domain Users"
>#wbinfo -g yields "Error geting Domain Groups"
>and any user accounts I newly create in AD since
>joining the Samba3 server as a Domain member are
>successfully able to authenticate and access the
>Samba3 server.
>However, pre-existing AD users are not able to access
>the Samba3 server.  These accounts get an error
>I noted some mention in various places of a quirk
>requiring the changing of domain passwords to allow
>something to work - which I've tried to no avail.
>New AD accounts work fine, pre-existing accounts
>Any ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix this quirk
>would be greatly appreciated.
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