[Samba] Real-time file synchronisation

Chris Ricks chris at itoperations.com.au
Thu Sep 30 15:14:54 GMT 2004

I'm intrigued! What sort of config are you running on your Samba box(es)
(I'm assuming it's served from a Samba box) to support that app?

I'm also curious as to the start-up times you experience compared to locally
installed copies.

I'm not trying to challenge what you've said at all - I'm genuinely
interested in how things perform in your particular situation (given that
the performance in this situation is absolutely shocking when the dopey
thing is run from a share).

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>everyone run their software from the network share as to ensure
>but I hardly think a 300 MB application with 15 MB (!!) executables (about
>of them) is really suitable for being "deployed" in that fashion.
Try a 1.1GB app with the main executable being 131MB and run by 60+ 
users at once.  That really is the best way to run this particular app 
(Pro/Engineer) as that way the config files all point to the same 
license server and other important file paths.  If you ever have to run 
around and fix it you either change it once and it just works or you 
change it, script a push to all the clients, and then run around fixing 
the ones that didn't work for some reason, which assumes the users have 
permission to replace system executables.  I'll pick the network option 

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