[Samba] Roaming Profiles:Samba PDC:WinXP:User must be local admin SOLVED

Zach uid000 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 21:37:15 GMT 2004

This worked for me:

(1) Log in as a local administrator on one of the XP clients
(2) Create a temporary user, eg test_user1
(3) System Properties->Advanced->User Profiles:Settings button
(4) Choose the profile you're trying to migrate and click Copy To
(5)  Pick some temporary directory, eg c:\test
(6)  Under "Permitted to use, click change, and add your temporary user
(7)  Click ok and ok again, and wait while the profile is copied to
c:\test.  Windows has now added test_user1's SID to NTUSER.DAT in
(8)  log out and log back in as test_user1, to allow test_user1's
profile to be set up.
(9)  log out and log back in as a local administrator
(10) manually copy the contents of c:\test over top of test_1's
profile in c:\Documents &...\test_user1\, or the directory where
test_user1's profile was created.
(11) log out and log back in as test_user1 to verify the profile loads properly
(12) log out and log back in as a local admin and repeat steps 3
through 6, except instead of adding test_user1 under "Permitted to
use", add your domain user.  Allow the profile to be copied to
c:\test.  Windows has now added the sid for your domain user to
NTUSER.DAT (I don't know if the other SIDs are there as well or not).
(13)  At this point it is vital to make sure the domain user is not
logged in on any machine otherwise NTUSER.DAT will be overwritten when
they log out.  Backup the server copy of NTUSER.DAT
(14) copy c:\test\NTUSER.DAT to your server under the appropriate
user's profile.
(15) log out and log back in as the domain user.  It should work.

This way worked for me and preserved all of the profile's
custmizations.  I didn't try the profiles program (see man profiles)
because I couldn't find that binary on my system.  However this seems
to work perfectly.  Admittedly if you have more than a few users to
migrate, this could be cumbersome.  Paul Geinger's suggestion is much
fewer steps.  Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for everyone's help
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From: Thomas M. Skeren III <tms3 at fskklaw.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 13:17:16 -0700
Subject: Re: [Samba] Roaming Profiles:Samba PDC:WinXP:User must be local admin
To: Zach <uid000 at gmail.com>

 See Paul Geingers email on this subject.  That method works perfectly.  WooHoo!

 Zach wrote:
 Tom, Can't wait to find out what you learn. In the mean time, a quick
google search turned up this:
http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/profiles.1.html Unfortunately I
don't have this package installed on this system, so I don't have the
man page or the profiles command right now. On Wed, 29 Sep 2004
10:46:14 -0700, Tom Skeren <tms3 at fskklaw.com> wrote:
 Zach wrote: 
 We just experimented with this here at work. As administrator we
manually deleted the profile of a user at replaced it with a manual
copy of another user's profile, and the problem was reproduced
exactly. When we subsquently deleted NTUSER.DAT and logged in again,
NTUSER.DAT was rebuilt using the default profile and the profile
loaded properly. Evidently the SID recorded in NTUSER.DAT has to match
the user's sid or it won't load properly. Good news Zach. I'm off to
the office to give it a go myself. Should give a preliminary response
by noon PST. Cheers, TMS III

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