[Samba] Re: Problems with Samba 3.0.5 only seeing 1360 files on a share to a Windows 2000

Tomasz Rosiak tomek at mit.pl
Wed Sep 29 15:17:22 GMT 2004

 >In dos (win 2000 cmd) it's shows the same, but under linux I seen all 
the files.
 >Has anyone seen this before?

I have seen something like that, but only about 130 entries (files or 
dir's) were seen. ls -l showed 146 entries, the same amount was returned 
by ls in smbclient.
I am using samba 3.0.7 from FreeBSD port. FreeBSD verision is 4.10.
Yesterday I tried to simulate such situation - I've created about 1800 
directory entries (using mktemp), but in Windows 2000 all of them were 
seen. I suppose, the amount of seen entries depends on their name's lengths.
I've also made some syscall tracing on smbd when listing such directory 
(the one with 146 long entries) and it looked way like this:

read dir
stat entry #1
stat entry #2
stat entry #130
send partial response to socket (about 16kB)
stat entry #131
stat entry #146
send the rest of response (about 1-2 kB)

In Windows only entries sent in first response were seen.

Does anyone have any idea?
Maybe analyzing responses from Windows server would help (for example 
using Ethereal) ?

Tomasz Rosiak

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