[Samba] Re: Roaming Profiles:Samba PDC:WinXP:User must be local admin

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Wed Sep 29 13:16:30 GMT 2004

Zach wrote:
> To clear it up:
> samba PDC: BABYLON
> Win XP client:  TROY
> Domain user: Zach
> Local user: local_user
> If CILIVLIZATION\Zach is added to TROY\Administrators, then no problem.
> If CILIVLIZATION\Zach is removed from TROY\Administrators, then
> profile doesn't load properly, even if CILIVLIZATION\Zach is a member
> of TROY\Power Users or TROY\Users, etc.  (This applies to other domain
> users as well, not just Zach).
> Further, 
> when TROY\local_user, logs on to TROY, then no problem, regardless of
> group membership.

Just to give you some hope - I don't have this problem.

I have users which belong _only_ to "Domain Users" group and they have 
WinXP Theme loaded without a problem.

BTW, did you move those profiles from local profiles or other Domains or 
were they created when users first login into Domain? ACLs and ownership 
on files in the Roaming profiles are stored in NTUSER.DAT file which is 
a representation of user registry. To properly copy User Profiles you 
would need to use Window's "System Properties/Advanced/User Profiles".


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