[Samba] rsync makes winbind stop responding

Borut Kurnik borut at borutk.net
Wed Sep 29 04:06:42 GMT 2004


After about half a minute after starting rsync 
on HOST_B, the winbind on HOST_B stops responding.

About 20000 files and about 350GB space. 

LST='/dir1 /dir2 ... ' # about 10 dirs
rsync -avz --rsh="/usr/bin/ssh" --delete --force  \
--log-format "File: %f  size: %l   %b %o" \
HOST_A:"$LST"  /

If the directories are synchronized or with minimal changes of the
source file system the rsync takes about 40 secs.
Rsync works ok, but winbind always stops responding.

wbinfo -u eig. returns "Error looking up domain users"

Only winbind restart (stop, start) helps.

SuSE SLES-8 (i386), samba-3.0.7

Any ideas?



Borut Kurnik <borut at borutk.net>

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