[Samba] New here ... with an NT Group problem

Torsten E. linux-user at gmx.com
Tue Sep 28 14:57:31 GMT 2004

Hi there,

well, I just subscribed b/c I have an strange problem with my samba
It acts as an PDC (currently running 3.04 on SuSE 8.2) for my local
domain, and worked fine for the last 2 years or so (with several
upgrades ;)).

Two weeks ago I felt (bad idea, I know :() I have to upgrade to samba
3.07 (from SuSEs unofficial packages), and later on I wasn't able to do
anything useful within my domain anymore ... but that's another prob ...
Well, I deinstalled samba 3.07, and installed 3.04 again, and everything
worked .. well, at least most does.
Currently I have two groups "Domain Admins", and some stuff doesn't work
    pdc:/home/torsten # net rpc group LIST global
    Domain Users
    Domain Admins
    Domain Admins
    Domain Guests
    pdc:/home/torsten #

Now my questions are:
- how to find out which Domain Admins group is the right one? How can I
see their IDs?
- where are those groups listed/managed? NTUsers is an manually added
group, and so its listed in /etc/group, but I didn't find the MS-style
groups ...

Thanks in advance, and have a nice day

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