[Samba] Re: New here ... with an NT Group problem

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Tue Sep 28 19:16:29 GMT 2004

Torsten E. wrote:
> Now my questions are:
> - how to find out which Domain Admins group is the right one? How can I
> see their IDs?
> - where are those groups listed/managed? NTUsers is an manually added
> group, and so its listed in /etc/group, but I didn't find the MS-style
> groups ...

Look into 'net groupmap list'. The right 'Domain Admins' should have RID 
(the last number after '-') 512 and SID (all numbers before the last 
'-') corresponding to your Domain SID ('net getlocalsid').

Use 'net groupmap delete' or 'net gropumap modify' to fix the problem.


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