[Samba] Roaming profiles problem

Pedro Silva psilva at dcc.online.pt
Tue Sep 28 11:27:46 GMT 2004

>> My problem is that the profile of the user always end up in 
>> C:/Documents and
>> Settings/$user .
> That's the way it works.  The files are copied local (from the smb.conf 
> specified location) until you log off, at which time they are copied 
> back to the server.  I believe there is a setting to delete the roaming 
> profile data on log off but I don't know that off hand, I'm pretty sure 
> it's in one of the two resources (TOSHARG or Samba3 By Example)

OK, no problem with that... but after I logoff nothing is placed in the
user profile dir... The contents in C:/Documents and Settings/$user_name
are beiing coppied to $user_home_dir/profile even after samba create
this directory if it doesn't exists.

Pedro Silva

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