[Samba] Newbie: SAMBA, LDAP, Kerberos as password Database

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Sep 27 15:01:13 GMT 2004

> 1. We want to deploy MIT Kerberos 5, and we want the Kerberos password 
> database to be the ONLY password database.

Use Hiemdal Kerberos and your KDC can use OpenLDAP as the back-end.
> 2. User accounts: posixAccount+sambaAccounts in OpenLDAP.
> 3. configure openLDAP to recognize {SASL} passwords and authenticate through
> Kerberos.


> 4. Block write access to all password fields in the OpenLDAP tree. (only 
> Kerberos password should be writable using the kpasswd tool)

And LDAP configuration issue, and a minor one at that.

> My main question is: using Samba 3.x and ldap_sam,  can one use
> password-based 
> authentication against the Kerberos password database by simply entering a 
> {SASL} type value in the sambaLMPassword and NTPassword fields in LDAP?

No,  but the KDC can authenticate against the NTPassword field, or you can keep
the passwords in sync.

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