[Samba] invisible server

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at katamail.com
Fri Sep 24 15:40:40 GMT 2004

On Friday 24 September 2004 09:44 Luca Ferrari's cat walking on the keyboard  

> On Thursday 23 September 2004 18:18 your cat walking on the keyboard wrote:
> > May be due to no guest account.  From Samba 3 by Example:
> >
> > Network browsing involves SMB broadcast announcements, SMB enumeration
> > requests, connections to the IPC$ share, share enumerations, and SMB
> > connection setup processes. The use of anonymous connections to a Samba
> > server involve the use of the /guest account/ that must map to a valid
> I've added a guest user with smpasswd -a guest, and then I have inserted a
> line in the global section of smb.conf:
> guest account = guest
> but it is still not working:
> mammuth:~ # nmblookup mammuth
> querying mammuth on
> name_query failed to find name mammuth
> Another thing that maybe can help:
> mammuth:~ # nmblookup -A
> Looking up status of
>         "MAMMUTH"       <00> -         B <ACTIVE>
>         "MAMMUTH"       <03> -         B <ACTIVE>
>         "MAMMUTH"       <20> -         B <ACTIVE>
>         ..__MSBROWSE__. <01> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE>
>         G2              <00> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE>
>         G2              <1b> -         B <ACTIVE>
>         G2              <1d> -         B <ACTIVE>
>         G2              <1e> - <GROUP> B <ACTIVE>
> that seems it's working, isn't it?
> What am I doing wrong?

I'm still working on this problem. It must be said that, after the addition of 
the guest user, I can try to access a share from a windows 98 client, but it 
asks me for only a password (not the username/password), thus I don't now how 
to access the share (every password I insert, even if one of the valid users 
for that share, does not work). However, I'm still unable to find the 
computer thru the "find computer" of windows, and even nmblookup does not 

Any idea?


Luca Ferrari,
fluca1978 at katamail.com

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