[Samba] Re: Samba public directory on FreeBSD

knowtree at aloha.com knowtree at aloha.com
Thu Sep 23 09:26:50 GMT 2004

> At 13:20 9/23/2004, knowtree at aloha.com wrote:
> >> What is recommended for a public, 'free-for-all',
> >> anyone can read or write directory on FreeBSD?
> >> 
> >> What are the reasons for preferring one place 
> >> over another?
> >> 
> >> Would these work?
> >> 
> >> /usr/local/share/sambapublic/
> >> /usr/share/sambapublic/
> >> /home/sambapublic/
> >
> >I recommend a separate partition, so that when it eventually gets filled up
> >-- and these things always do -- your system will not be adversly affected.
> >You can mount the partition wherever you want. In your three examples,
> >"sambapublic" could be a file system mounted on /usr/local/share,
> >/usr/share, or /home.
> Thanks for the info.  I just wanted to stick with the FreeBSD
> standard if there was one.
> How can I add a new partition?  Can that be done after the OS
> and data are on the drive?  What program?  What would it be
> called?

Not practical unless you install an additional hard drive. Sticking with
the drive you have, you would need to backup your data and reinstall
FreeBSD from scratch. The extra partition would be created using the
Disklable Editor, a sibling to / and /usr and /var and /home. 

That may be more work than you want to do right now. In that cae, if you
want to try it out, use either the home partician or the var partician. We
could probably spark a lively debate here as to which is better :-)

Bottom line: go ahead and set up samba, to learn how it works. If you want
to use it in production (serious, bullit-proof) create that special partition.

Gary Dunn

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