[Samba] Which distribution to rollout

Daniel Ramaley daniel.ramaley at DRAKE.EDU
Thu Sep 23 17:07:03 GMT 2004

A good point. I currently have three OpenBSD Samba servers that i 
administer. Two are fairly simple, just doing file and printer sharing 
to a workgroup. The other is a member of an Active Directory domain. 
Right now it is just doing file sharing, but it had to be tied in with 
Kerberos and everything else necessary to make Active Directory happy.

>I think to some degree it depends on what your implimentation of samba
>is like...As in are you doing relatively simple file sharing or are
> you making use of all the bells and whistles available (winbind,
> kerberos integration, etc.).  If you have a relatively simple
> configuration and this is in a production environment then shell out
> the money for RHEL or Suse (trying not to be too biased) and enjoy
> being on a relatively stable unchanging and *supported* OS.
>If your configuration is more complex then you probably want to avoid
>those platforms as they try to update very infrequently.  Samba tends
> to be in a constant state of change and of course it has to deal with
> reacting to whatever Microsoft decides to do...for simple
> configurations this doesn't tend to matter, but if you're using some
> of the more powerful features of Samba then you probably have to look
> forward to having to upgrade on a regular basis.  In that case you
> should probably go with whatever is free and comfortable for you to
> use.

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