[Samba] Printers Showing up on Alternate Server Names

Chris Smith chris.smith at apigroupinc.us
Thu Sep 23 14:50:23 GMT 2004

I am having the same problem using Samba 3.0.7 w/ FC2.
This only started happening recently, and is happening on 3 servers. I
hadn't seen it happen on 3.0.4. Nothing else has changed.


Chris Smith
Systems Administrator
API Group Information Systems Dept.

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Hi all,
I am running samba 3.0.6.  I am having an issue on my print server regarding
how the printer ends up registering itself on the Windows clients.  We have
a machine named "bob", "bob" has an alias both in DNS and in the netbios
name in Samba of "printserver", "bob" has an IP address of  In
a seemingly random fashion sometimes when I add a printer on a new client
machine by specifying the printer with \\printserver\Reception to specify
the "Reception" printer, it shows up as "Reception on herm" or "Reception on" or "Reception on printserver" (this would be the desired
result, which does sometimes occur).  Does anyone have an idea why this
might be occurring?  Is it a common problem with Samba or do we have
something setup wrong somewhere?

Chris Slack
IT Manager
M/V Anastasis - Currently docked in Bremerhaven, DL Mercy Ships


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