[Samba] Script to clean the recycles...

Rodrigo Carvalhaes grupos at carvalhaes.net
Thu Sep 23 14:43:34 GMT 2004

Hi Joe!

Thanks for your promptly answer.

What I wanna to do is put one script on cron.daily to :

1. Clean all the files on the directories .recyycle(see below) that are 
older than 15 days.


2. Clean all the files on all the user homes that are older than 7 days. 
  I have +/- 50 users and I wanna to make something automatic, that I 
don´t need to give maintaince on the script after creating a new user...



Rodrigo Miranda Carvalhaes
DBA PostgreSQL

joec at aracnet.com wrote:
> Rodrigo,
> Setting up a cron is easy. Do you have any scripting skills? If not, then give me the deatils (time stamps, directories, etc), and I can put something toegether for you in tcsh/bash or whatever.
> Joe
> Rodrigo Carvalhaes <grupos at carvalhaes.net> wrote :
>>I implemented the vfs reclycle and it´s really good!
>>Now, I wanna to put on my monthly cron a script to clean old recycles...
>>Someone have examples to send me ? Tips?
>>Thanks !
>>Rodrigo Miranda Carvalhaes
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