[Samba] Printer connection query - (Samba/Unix/Citrix)

Terri Harris tharris at imperialtruck.co.za
Thu Sep 23 14:35:00 GMT 2004

Hi All

Do you know if it is possible to address a printer connected to a PC 
from a UNIX server which is at another site?
If it is possible how do you do it?

1.   There are high speed line printers which are connected to UNIX 
servers in the regions.
2.   HQ site is running a Citrix farm of 3 on Windows 2003 boxes
3.   The users from the regions login to a terminal session to connect to HQ

We want to send reports from HQ to either a PC printer or the Old UNIX 
server's printer at any given regional site.

Hope this makes some sense and someone can help.  I'm asking on behalf 
of someone else without knowing the sites myself  or much about Samba 
and Citrix



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