[Samba] upcoming releases (3.0.8pre1 and 3.1.0)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Sep 23 12:35:11 GMT 2004

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We are working on getting 3.0.8pre1 out this week.  There's
been a fair amount of changes that were held back from 3.0.7
so its time to get another preview release out.

Also, I'm working on the first 3.1.0.  The is essentially
a copy of trunk.  As a reminder, the purpose of the 3.1.x
releases is similar to what we've used the 'alpha' tag for in
the past.  These will be unstable, development releases that
may beat you up and take your lunch money.  We make no
guarantees. But the 3.1 tree will also have some new
experimental features that may entice you tto take a look
(we hope).

Samba 3.1.0 will include changes to winbindd (for scalability),
code for implementing NT privileges, some proposed fixes to
the printing code's background queue update daemon, and others.

So invariably, the question will arise what is the relationship
between Samba 3.1 and Samba 4?  The answer is that Samba 3.1 is
continuation of the Samba 3.x series in an effort to foster
further development.  Team members are still working on Samba 4
and we will ship that once it is ready.

Samba 3.1.x is just a platform for implementing newer features
that could potentially destabilize the 3.0.x tree (and delay
the necessary bug fix releases).  Once features stabilize in
Samba 3.1, they will be considered for back porting to the
Samba 3.0 tree.  If 3.1.x gets a large number of new features
that are not suitable for back porting to 3.0, then we will
create a stable 3.2 series of releases and start the process
over again.

cheers, jerry
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