[Samba] Cannot get HP1055CM Color Plotter to work with "Point and Click"

Marcus White 1midniterider at comcast.net
Thu Sep 23 09:32:02 GMT 2004

G'day All,

We are using Samba 3.0.6 as a PDC and print server. The OS is RHEL 3.0.
I've gone thru the procedure detailed in "The Official Samba Howto..."
book and the other HP and Lexmark LaserJet printers work properly using
the postscript drivers. However, HP 1055CM Color Plotter works best with
the HPGL/2 drivers if the drivers are installed on the client
workstation but, do not work using the "Point and Click" method.

I've used rpcclient to verify that the drivers are installed properly
and compared the server configuration with workstation configuration.
There is no difference in the configuration reported by rpcclient.

The only error message that I've seen is in the /var/log/cups/error_log
when a print job starts is "W [21/Sep/2004:12:53:12 -0400] [Job 320]
ignoring illegal PE char '9'...". This is repeated about 20 times. Any

Marcus O.

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