[Samba] Cannot get HP1055CM Color Plotter to work with "Point and Click"

Olaf Eichhorn O.Eichhorn at vermessung-pfeifer.de
Thu Sep 23 12:33:42 GMT 2004

Hi Marcus,

Is Your printqueue "raw"? You have to create one for Yoour Printer. I
choosed swat to do that.
Than You have to edit two files to allow unknown type of data to be
printed via cups.

I found this in the mailing list archive

    1.      Edit /etc/cups/mime.types to uncomment the line near the end
of the
file that has:

    2.      Do the same for the file /etc/cups/mime.convs.

    3.      Add a raw printer using the Web interface. Point your
browser at
http://localhost:631. Enter Administration, add the printer following the
prompts. Do not install any drivers for it. Choose Raw. Choose queue
name Raw

It worked perfect for our HP 450C HPGL plotter.


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