[Samba] Server change

LCID Fire lcid-fire at gmx.net
Wed Sep 22 14:01:50 GMT 2004

Could anybody point out what things one has to take care of when changing
the samba pdc?
I set up a new server as pdc and moved configuration and profiles. Now I can
log on to the shares with no problem - only problem is I cannot log into the
domain account because it says the computer account is not present.
Strangely I created it - but is there a chance to test whether it is working
(I can test user logon - but not machine logon)?
Besides where does in samba 3 reside the smbpasswd file? Either it is due to
using debian sarge but in samba 2 it resided beneath the smb.conf file. I
wanted to check the smbpasswd file but couldn't find it.

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