[Samba] username.map limitations

Christian Merrill cmerrill at redhat.com
Wed Sep 22 14:04:06 GMT 2004

Paul Gienger wrote:

>> It's looking like there may be a 1024 character limit for each 
>> username map?  For example:
> From the smb.conf man page
> >> Each line of the map file may be up to 1023 characters long.
> If you're running up against that maybe you should put all the users 
> you need to map into a group and then make the map
> someuser = @mapGroup1
> I'm curious how you came about needing that many users in one map in 
> the first place...
Have a very large customer (26000+ users) needing to set up a very 
limited form of file sharing using samba.  Stability is the major issue 
here and there's not that much complexity needed in regard to 
permissions.  This is also being configured in a failover environment.  
So, winbind is not really an option....to make things more interesting 
many of the domain accounts begin with ~'s and #'s so creating matching 
system accounts would be a bit of a headache.  The easiest and most 
stable solution was just to map all the users to respective accounts.


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