[Samba] 3.0.7; "string overflow by 1 (32 - 31) in safe_strcpy"

Alex de Vaal a.vaal at nh-hotels.com
Tue Sep 21 13:35:44 GMT 2004


I'm using samba 3.0.4 (on RHL9) as a W2k3 domain member in an ADS realm. For
printing I'm using CUPS of RHL9. The XP clients get the CUPS printers (CUPS
redirects the printjob to the JetDirect card of the printer) and the
appropriate PCL drivers installed via the "Point 'n Print" mechanism. The
clients get their printers installed via de AD login script and the there
are installed via de DNS name of the printer (e.g.
A printer driver that is being used is, for example, the "HP LaserJet 4200
PCL 5e".
The above works fine, XP clients get the printer installed ("DUSSEL_LASER01
on dussel" in their own "Printer and Faxes" folder and the appropriate
drivers are installed on the client too.

So far so good.

After the upgrade to samba 3.0.7 however (had the same with 3.0.6) I see in
the log files of the clients the following messages (a lot of them):
[2004/09/21 12:10:34, 0] lib/util_str.c:safe_strcpy_fn(600)
  ERROR: string overflow by 1 (32 - 31) in safe_strcpy 

Besides that, the XP clients get a second printer installed "DUSSEL_LASER01
on" besides the "DUSSEL_LASER01 on dussel" printer (which is
actually the same).

I played a little with downgrading to 3.0.4 and upgrading 3.0.7 and the way
the XP clients get their printers installed.
This is what I encountered:

- 3.0.4; printer installed via DNS name; "DUSSEL_LASER01 on dussel" as
printer on client.
- 3.0.7; printer installed via NETBIOS name (\\DUSSEL\DUSSEL_LASER01);
"DUSSEL_LASER01 on dussel" as printer; 
   "string overflow by 1" messages.
- 3.0.7; printer installed via DNS name; "DUSSEL_LASER01 on dussel" and
"DUSSEL_LASER01 on" as printer on client;
   "string overflow by 1" messages.

Removing user profiles on the XP client:
- 3.0.7; printer installed via DNS name; "DUSSEL_LASER01 on"
as printer on client;
   "string overflow by 1" messages.

How I have to deal with this new behavior of samba with CUPS? I'd like to
upgrade my other samba sites to 3.0.7, but when I get troubles with printers
on the clients some people are gonna shoot me :)

I posted a similar message before, but I didn't get any response. I can't
imagine that I'm the only one with the "string overflow by 1" messages and
this behavior of 3.0.7 and CUPS... Or am I? :)

Thanx for any answer.


Alex de Vaal. 

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