[Samba] Samba Script?

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Sun Sep 19 09:55:18 GMT 2004

there are many ways to implement such script,
ie. i have done a dos script at netlogon which checks
the ip  and does not install printers for vpn users.
But there should be a way with root exec and perl too
directly in share.
Checking samba log by cron should be work too. ( cause normally you have 
there a file for each ip ) grep them, compare them to your list of 
wanted ips and mail it out.
Perhaps somebody has done such scripts before on the list an can help 
you out.

Shahid Hussain schrieb:
> Good Evening :)
> I wanted to know is it possible to write a script to alert me by email if anyone accessed to Samba.  
> For example:  
> and allowed to access to samba network (I wont get a alert).
> Any IP apart from / then it will alert me.
> thanks.
> Shahid

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