[Samba] Re: Cannot join SAMBA domain from XP/2K

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Fri Sep 17 15:57:10 GMT 2004

Alexei Monastyrnyi wrote:
> I've got SAMBA 3.0.7 with LDAP passwd backend (OpenLDAP 2.2.15) on 
> Solaris 9 box.
> When joining the domain I have permanent error "The user name could not 
> be found".

Did you check that both machine and user sufficies point to the same 
location? I suspect that IDEALXs scripts and Samba assume that.

Exctract from my smb.conf:
ldap machine suffix = ou=People
ldap user suffix = ou=People

Did you check your LDAP tree if Posix record was added for machine?


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