[Samba] Cannot join SAMBA domain from XP/2K

Alexei Monastyrnyi alexeim at orcsoftware.com
Fri Sep 17 14:57:13 GMT 2004

Hi List.

I've got SAMBA 3.0.7 with LDAP passwd backend (OpenLDAP 2.2.15) on 
Solaris 9 box.

When joining the domain I have permanent error "The user name could not 
be found".
To add machine I use account "administrator" which is already exist in 
SAMBA/LDAP with uid=0 and proper password.

I have "add machine script" directive in smb.conf file and I see  that 
it works when I try to join the domain.

add machine script = /usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd -w %u

This script is from IDEALX smbldap-tools 0.8.5 package which is supposed 
to be comparaible with SAMBA 3.0.
In the IDELX doc file they say that "add machine script" adds only Posix 
stuff for machine LDAP account. And the rest should be added 
automatically during join process.
So, Posiix account for machine is successfully created but not BAMBA one.
And in LDAP log file I see no attempts from SAMBA server to do that.
Neither see I errors in SAMBA log.

My question is: what are the steps during the domain join process with 
SAMBA + LDAP as backend?

Thanks for any hint.


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