[Samba] mount -t smbfs

Nathan Howard nhoward at brokers-online.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 14:33:45 GMT 2004

Scott Ainslie wrote:
> Still no go mounting the drive! smb://IPAddress in Konqueror works
> great can browse the share/copy/delete with no password asked. Surely
> if I can do this I should be able to mount the drive?
> Getting desperate.
> Thanks
> Scott

I usually use smbmount for mounting shares:

smbmount //tarryn/d /mnt/d

If that doesn't work then could try the following:

smbmount //tarryn/d /mnt/d -o username=guest
(samba doesn't use 'guest' as its guest user normally)

smbmount //tarryn/d /mnt/d -o ip=
smbmount // /mnt/d
(again spcifically tell it ip)

smbmount //tarryn/d /mnt/d -o workgroup=<domain>

or a mixture of the above ( -o username=guest,ip= etc...)

Also make sure that your computer has joined the domain
(done by doing : net rpc join -U Administrator)

Hope that helps

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