[Samba] xp problems joining 3.0.7 domain

v l deff at zoznam.sk
Thu Sep 16 10:08:45 GMT 2004

I know this was asked like zillion times here, but i haven't seen any answer 
that would help me.
I've setup samba 3.0.7 pdc over ldap, now i can't join domain with xp 
clients - trying to do that with Administrator account (uid 0) leads to 
uknown user, every other user has Access denied. Machine accounts are 
created automatically using smbldaptools. However, adding to domain fails 
with: Authentication for user [Administrator] -> [Administrator] FAILED with 
error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD. Yes, i've entered correct password.

My users are in Users ou, i applied signorseal.reg, i can su to 
administrator on my box aok...i just can't join domain.
Any idea what's wrong in here, or is there any checklist what has to be done 
in order to join samba domain with xps?

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