[Samba] New Users cannot login on W2k client (Samba 3.01 on debian linux)

Roland Schroth rs at albit.de
Fri Sep 17 07:31:05 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem with newly created users beeing not able to login at our Windows clients.
We have debian linux with Samba 3.01 running as PDC and fileserver.

I create the linux users first with useradd and then the samba users with smbpasswd.
There are existing machine accounts for all the workstations and users that exist already for quite some time can login at the
workstations. But the newly created users can't. They always get the message that they could not be logged in and should check their
password etc.

I must confess that I am far away from knowing much about the linux system and its administration. Maybe you can give me a hint
where to look for the reason for this or how to solve the problem. One of my problems here is, that I do not remember what
configuration changes were made since the last working new user account was created. What I know is, that we upgraded to 3.01 some
time ago from the version that came with debian (woody) but I am quite sure that working user accounts have been created after that

I am stuck, please help me ;-)

Best regards,

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