[Samba] cannot access files, directory browsing fine ...

Szymon Machajewski SMachaje at grcc.edu
Thu Sep 16 19:22:35 GMT 2004


I've just spent some time figuring out why on my RedHat ES server samba
allowed me to connect, browse directories, but as soon as .exe was in
the dir it would freeze.
I couldn't open text files or anything else.

It turns out that the Redhat kernel does not play well with 'sendfile'

so I added:

use sendfile = no

and I'm back in the game.

Anyone could help me understand what sendfile does in samba and what is
the tradeoff when disabling it ?



Szymon Machajewski 
MCSD, RHCT, CNA, MySQL Core, CompTIA Linux+
Grand Rapids Community College

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