[Samba] Re: large file support>4GB (nt4.0sp5->smb3.0.6-suse9.0-kernel2.4.21)

chris at gensler.to chris at gensler.to
Thu Sep 16 00:20:58 GMT 2004

rruegner wrote:
> i recommend using ext3, suse is good in reiser,
> but with ext3 youre on the safe side.
so, where to go with the 200GB of data already on the disks while
re-formatting? This is the very last option I will try! (Why: see "ftp"

> Upgrade samba to 3.07 from ftp suse.com.
Done - no results

> have you played with use sendfile = yes ( which works under suse 9 kernel )
defaults to yes - tested yes and no - no results

> and other performance parameters in samba, like
added "SO_SNDBUF" - others were set - no results

> checking in general all nics and switches so as logs might help.
Assuming "nics" and "switches" means, I should check my hardware?
Well, nics and switches are new, (3com Giga Switch and Intel Giga nics),
working pretty well, as the ftp test (below) shows. Don't think it's a
hardware problem.

And "logs might help": they are my best bet! But where to look?
I found additional infos in my logs - see at end!

> i have a equal setup but no such big files to test
Is this a request to post one here ... ? ;-))
If you had one, would you try to test it? Maybe you could create one
from a DVD image or use some CD images, concatenated by "copy /b *.iso

> have you test the file coping from a win 2000 client with large memory
yes, tried this (why "with large memory"?) - same errors

> file handling is only related to partition type ( ext3 , xfs, reiseer )
> should be ok.
This was my opinion, too - reiserfs should work.

> Just as a test, setup ftpserver on the samba server and try to copy the
> file via ftp.
The last hours my machines were busy writing some 8 to 20 GB files to
the server, using ftp - and it works fine; no errors! So ftp does the
job and samba doesn't. As there is no error in ftp transfer of >100GB, I
think my hardware is ok. Reiser seems to be able to hold my files, so I
am hopeful not to have to reformat to ext3.

Scanning logs of level 3 showed and error message:

lib/sysquotas.c:sys_get_quota(413) sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for
mntpath[/usr/local/raid5_1] bdev[/dev/sdd1] qtype[2] id[500]: Invalid

This message occurs more than once in this log - maybe it's a first hint
on an error.

Those log levels are not very useful: they seem to make no difference
between logging successful system calls and logging error messages -
increasing the log level makes huge logs, where you have to use a
microscope to find an error message.

Anybody having some more hints to this?

chris at gensler.to

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