[Samba] large file support >4GB (nt4.0sp5->smb3.0.6-suse9.0-kernel2.4.21)

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Wed Sep 15 15:36:47 GMT 2004

i recommend using ext3, suse is good in reiser,
but with ext3 youre on the safe side.
Upgrade samba to 3.07 from ftp suse.com.
have you played with use sendfile = yes ( which works under suse 9 kernel )
and other performance parameters in samba,
checking in general all nics and switches so as logs might help.
i have a equal setup but no such big files to test
have you test the file coping from a win 2000 client with large memory
file handling is only related to partition type ( ext3 , xfs, reiseer )
should be ok.
Just as a test, setup ftpserver on the samba server and try to copy the 
file via ftp.

c_gensler at icaros.de schrieb:

> I am unable to copy a file larger than 4GB to a samba fileserver!
> My config:
> - client is windows nt 4.0 sp 5 (I tried sp 6 without any change, I tried
> w2k, too)
> - server (now) is samba 3.0.6 on suse linux 9.0 kernel
> 2.4.21-99-default/I586
> - share is on a reiserfs hardware-raid array with plenty of free space
> (explorer correctly _shows_ >500 GB, mapped as ntfs drive)
> Every time I try to copy a large file > 4GB to samba, nt explorer seems to
> be busy for some (10-30) seconds without reasonable data transfer (switch
> leds rarely blinking). As soon as data transfer seems to start (I tried it
> with a 3 GB file which worked fine), nt explorer shows a message "<file>
> cannot be copied, reached end of file (EOF)" (translated from german error
> message, so don't take literal!)
> There were some hints in the newsgroups but all say this should be fixed
> since 2.2.x, so now I use 3.0.6 and the problem did not disappear.
> My odyssee from samba 2.0.x by 2.2.11 to 3.0.6 and hours of reading this
> group end up now here in another request for this. I cannot help anymore,
> this problem drives me nuts.
> So, is anyone here to solve this? More infos and log files are available,
> but there's too much to post it unrequested!
> Nowadays (2004!) it should be possible for samba to handle files > 4GB,
> shouldn't it?
> Many thanks in advance!
> chris at gensler.to

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