[Samba] File locking in NFS on Solaris

Andreas Haupt andreas.haupt at hmi.de
Thu Sep 16 13:12:55 GMT 2004


System: Solaris 8/9
Samba: 3.02 and 3.06

We have problems with accessing files (from Windows XP) on a samba server 
that are mounted over nfs (on the server). Some users have symlinks in 
their home directories to nfs resources. When they try to copy file 
located in nfs the client simply hangs. To make the thing even stranger: 
Sometimes it also works (after restarting the samba server from time to 
time)! Files mounted on a Solaris nfs server seem to be more affected 
than files served by Linux.

On the server I can see the hanging smbd processes. truss -p tells me that 
those processes are waiting for a file lock:

fcntl(11, F_SETLKW64, 0xFFBEEF38)

Here are some messages from the samba log (seems to be related with 
Windows recognizing the hanging connection and starting a new one).

[2004/09/16 10:04:15, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(705)
  diapp2 ( connect to service dbi initially as user dbi 
(uid=1250, gid=11211) (pid 29469)
[2004/09/16 10:04:47, 0] smbd/oplock.c:request_oplock_break(1023)
  request_oplock_break: no response received to oplock break request to 
pid 294 65 on port 39192 for dev = 3f42873, inode = 1171213, file_id = 
[2004/09/16 10:04:47, 0] smbd/open.c:open_mode_check(681)
  open_mode_check: exlusive oplock left by process 29465 after break ! For 
file wwwhome/aktuell/aktuell_test.html, dev = 3f42873, inode = 1171213. 
Deleting it to continue...
[2004/09/16 10:04:47, 0] smbd/open.c:open_mode_check(685)
  open_mode_check: Existent process 29465 left active oplock.

Here are the relevant (I think) entries from smb.conf:

        locking = yes
        lock dir = /var/spool/locks/samba
        kernel oplocks = no
        oplocks = yes
        level2 oplocks = yes
        veto oplock files = /*.mdb/
        posix locking = yes

Can you please help me to solve this?


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