[Samba] MAX PRINT JOBS bugg

rick talbot rick.talbot at canammanac.com
Thu Sep 16 11:56:25 GMT 2004

My smb.conf file contains in the general section. 

max print jobs = 50 

And i disabled the print queue using this command : 

disable PrintQueueName

Therefore i would expect SAMBA to reject print jobs after the 50th. 
But in real life it does not, it continues to spool indefinitely.

If i run a batch file from a client workstation to print continuously. It 
means the request to print is made much faster than manually. It will stop 
when 7 jobs are spooled in the print queue ??!?!?!?

Running smbd -i -F -S - - debuglevel=3 returns the following error message 
on the linux console when 7 jobs are spooled in the print queue: 

print_job_start: Queue p13113 number of jobs (51) larger than max 
printjobs per queue (50) 
error string = no space left on device 
error packet at smbd/reply.c(3041) cmd=192 (SMBsplopen) 

but there's only 7 jobs in the queue.

Release 3.0.7 does not fix this 

It seems to be an issue in the way Samba calculate the number of jobs that 
are in the print queue ? 

The reason why i am testing this is because one of my customer prints A 
LOT ( over 2 thousands jobs per day ) and his users gets exactly this 
problem when lots of people are trying to print at the same time. Default 
value of max print jobs is 1000 setting this to 0 ( to permit number less 
of print jobs ) does not fix the issue.


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