[Samba] Retrieving UNIX UID/GID directly through Active Directory

Tom tom at orange.us
Wed Sep 15 19:07:34 GMT 2004

Hi, there's a bug on bugzilla.samba.org that I'd like to comment on but it's 
not letting me.

It's bug #242, titled "Retrieving UNIX UID/GID directly through Active 
Directory from schema extension"

The person who posted the request talks about using AD4Unix, but I've 
installed Microsoft's Services for Unix and it made similar schema changes.
Specifically, it added uid, gid, shell, and home directory objects, plus a 
nice new tab called UNIX Attributes to the user properties window of the 
Active Directory Users and Computers MMC.

So for instance, something like this should be an option in smb.conf:
winbind uid = msSFU30UidNumber
winbind gid = msSFU30GidNumber (this would denote the users Primary group 
winbind shell = msSFU30LoginShell
winbind home = msSFU30HomeDirectory

The people who use AD4Unix could change these variables to whatever it 

Anyway, it seems like a much more simple way to get the uid's and gid's to 
be the same across multiple machines than anything I've seen so far.
This seems like a huge win to include.


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