[Samba] Printing Problems With Samba Version 2.2.7a.

Kenneth Nwoye kenneth.nwoye at mediatools.co.uk
Wed Sep 15 14:51:11 GMT 2004


I currently have a serious printing problem with my Samba version 2.2.7a.
After arriving at work this morning, I was informed that non of the network
printers (defined in our smb.conf file) could handle print requests. I
deleted all the printer definitions (ie. ntprinters.tdb and printing.tdb) I
found in /var/samba/lock, and restarted smbd (via pkill -HUP smbd). But
still had no joy.

I then ran the 'truss' diagnostic tool on the Solaris lpsched print daemon
and the output appeared to hang, after suggesting that a process it was
trying to read (possibly from a memory module) was 'sleeping'. Any clues as
to why I cannot currently print would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Kenneth Nwoye

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