[Samba] Incorrect beahvior of many options in per-user config files

Rashid N. Achilov shelton at sentry.granch.ru
Wed Sep 15 11:14:11 GMT 2004

Samba 3.0.7, FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE

I have Samba configuration file, divided at two parts - main in smb.conf and 
personal per-user files smb.conf.<username>, where <username> is user name, 
i.e testip (so filename will be smb.conf.testip). When I specify lines "force 
user" and "force group" in per-user config file, it doesn't take any 
impressions to Samba - new files will have UID and GID connected user. 
I.E. ,when I connect from Windows box as user testip (user has "force 
user=nobody" and "force group=nogroup" in smb.conf.testip file in service 
section) all new files will have rights testip:testip, not nobody:nogroup! 
Also in [homes] share I suspect, all parameters in per-user config file are 
ignored - not only "force user" and "force group", but also "force create 
mode", "force directory mode" and "hide dot files" doesn't take any 
impressions to Samba ("hide dot files=no" in global smb.conf and switched off 
in per-user file, I expect that  all dot files will lost "hidden" attribute, 
but it doesn't do).  Service [homes] in per-user config file has "force 
create mode=0024" and global [homes] section has "create mode=0751", so I 
expect on new files rights 0775, but receive only 0751 from global.
   With Best Regards.
   Rashid N. Achilov (RNA1-RIPE), Web: http://granch.ru/~shelton
   Granch Ltd. system administrator, e-mail: achilov [at] granch [dot] ru
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