[Samba] Re: smbf errors

Alexej Davidov alexej.davidov at gmx.net
Tue Sep 14 20:37:43 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 12:18, Saras Emigrant wrote:
> Alexej Davidov wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I can't mount shares of some servers since I use kernel 2.6.x. As it
> > works with smbclient and also with smbmount on kernel 2.4.x, I assume the
> > problem lies within smbfs.
> >
> > Kernel version:
> > Samba version: 3.0.4
> > Dist: Debian unstable
> Same problem was there: smbclient 3.0.x on suse 9.1 with kernels
> &  2.6.9-rc2 and SuSE's original 2.6.5-7.
> On the server side: FreeBSD 5.2.1, samba 3.0.6,1 & 3.0.7,1 from ports.
> Solution:  just put 'use sendfile = no' to the server's smb.conf.
> Br,
> Saras
Thanks for the reply and I will try this. But it is no real solution for me. 
First, the server works fine for all other users, including me, when I boot 
kernel 2.4.x. Second, I have the problem with OS/2 servers, and as we have a 
lot of them in the company, I really need to access them.

I guess the problem lies somewhere on my side, but I just couldn't figure it 
out. Why is it working with kernel 2.4.x, but not with 2.6.x?

Btw.: I made a mistake. I wrote, that it works with smbclient, but it turned 
out, it doesn't. I get the directory listing, but when I try to transfer 
files, I still get time-outs. As smbclient doesn't use smbfs, the problem is 
not in that module. Still, also smbclient works under 2.4 and not under 2.6, 
with exactly the same samba configuration and exactly the same programmes and 


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