[Samba] Samba password synchronization

eneko.astorkiza at ieuskadi.com eneko.astorkiza at ieuskadi.com
Fri Sep 10 11:33:13 GMT 2004

Firstly excuse my english, i'm spanish.
I don´t know how to do this, maybe someone could help me.
I have a samba member server for a win2k3 domain. I have winbind
configured (it works fine).
Now i want to synchronize 2 users password.
Linux       ------------------    Win2k3 Domain
root         ------------------     DOMAIN_Administrator
impresoras ---------------      DOMAIN_impresoras
How can i do this ???? it is posible using samba ???
What i want is from windows to linux, if i change the windows user
password, then the unix user password must change
Un saludo

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