[Samba] Browsing Sucks on VPN

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Tue Sep 14 08:47:15 GMT 2004

It looks like your client that is doing this, have you tried adding your 
wins/dns server to your vpn client setup? (In XP it is in properties > 
tcp/ip > properties > advanced > wins/dns of the vpn connection)

Saad Ahmed wrote:

>I am using Samba on RH9 for providing namaing services. We were using WINS before for naming.
>On networking neighborhood, I can see all computers (when I am in the office), however when I am travelling, I am not able to see the list. Not only that, I am unable to connect to my computer using \\NameOfComputer. I can connect through \\MyIpAddress.
>I could see the list of computers when I was using WINS in the past. Does anyone know the solution to fix this on Samba. 
>Your help would be highly appreciated.

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