[Samba] Re: PDC from 2 to 3, SID headaches

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Mon Sep 13 23:17:21 GMT 2004

Il 13/09/2004, alle ore 20:22, ksun at ABINITIO.COM ha scritto:

>> Where does Samba 3 store the domain SID? I tried deleting
> /etc/samba/secrets.tdb, to no avail.
> Indeed SID is stored in this database. You can use tdbdump to see what are 

Indeed it is, and today I found the cause for my problem: my fault.

I was coming from a Mandrakelinux installation, where secrets.tdb sits in
/etc/samba/, and moving to a Debian Woody installation, supposing the file
position was the same.
Wrong. Debian has the file in /var/lib/samba/. So I was simply
deleting/replacing the wrong file. :-/

I now stopped Samba 3, replaced /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb with the old
one from Samba 2, restarted Samba 3, and finally had my new PDC with the
old SID for both domain and server. Client logins are working fine without
any changes.

Thanks for your help.


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