[Samba] Samba Password Problems (Alt-Characters)-SOLVED

Stuart Highlander fsb at ntwsdb.com
Fri Sep 10 13:49:03 GMT 2004

Good Morning All,

I figured out a solution this problem.

I dumped the results of testparm to a file (testparm -v > smb_dump-file-01.
dos charset = CP850, unix charset = UTF-8.  local display = LOCALE.
I set the unix charset variable in smb.conf to unix charset = iso8859-1,
restarted smb, and verified unix charset set to iso8859 using testparm -v >
I verified that my locale was ISO-8859-1 using locale charmap.

I tried syncing up UTF-8 as suggested, but could not get it to work
correctly with the alt-characters.

I want to thank Andrew for pointing me in the right direction.


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Good Afternoon All:

Here is the setup:
A RedHat 7.2 Samba 2.2.7 Server upgraded to Fedora Core 1 Samba 3.0.6-2.FC1.
The server is acting as the PDC.  No Windows servers are providing
Windows 2000 clients.
testparm -v | grep "unix charset" results in UTF-8.
locale charmap results in ISO-8859-1.
using smbpasswd.

Before upgrading the server, I was able to authenticate users to the domain
on the Win2k boxes with alt-characters (alt-0162=¢) in their passwords.
Since upgrading the server, users who had these type of characters in their
passwords with passwords that have not changed, are able to authenticate,
but changing a user's password  to a new password that contains these
characters results in not being able to authenticate.

Any ideas?


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