[Samba] Printing an extra blank page all the time.

Craig Hammond Craig at sbisolutions.com.au
Thu Sep 9 08:15:55 GMT 2004

This fixed it up nicely.


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On 7 Sep 2004 , Craig Hammond entreated about
 "[Samba] Printing an extra blank page all the time":

} Hi,
} I'm trying out using samba as a print server for the first time, and
} works ok, but I have this problem where everytime I print anything, a
} additional blank page comes out of the printer at the end of what was
} just printed. 

yup, same here, 3 print servers and they all do it.... and I was just 
asking myself the question when i found your query, so I did a web 

} It's an old HP Laserjet 4 connected to the parallel port of the samba
} server. 

I've got a IIp, and 4000/4100/2200, and they'll all do it.

} /etc/printcap
} lp|HP4|HP Laserjet 4:\
}         :sh:lp=/dev/lpt0:sd=/var/spool/output:lf=/var/log/lpd-errs:

add to that 

This tell LPD that the FormFeed string is null.  It 'always' sends a 
formfeed after a job, but if the formfeed is null, the printer won't 
feed.  So it is in effect a LPD/BSD printing 'feature'

I found this answer at
and have just tested it and it works just fine now.
} smb.conf

not a smb problem...

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