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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Sep 8 14:50:25 GMT 2004

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David.Grudek at anixter.com wrote:
| Does any one know the status of Samba 4.  I was reading
| about it on the  Samba web site and it sounds really
| nice.  I am not complaining, just  wondering how it is
| doing, if they are able to make it smaller with the
| web configuration built into the smbd.  It will be
| so good.  Samba 3, I  could not believe how much better
| it got so when 4  comes out it should  just be out of
| this world.  I also read that they plan to release a 3.5
| which will include as much from 4 as they can.  Any info
| would be great. I  just can't get enough when hearing
| about someone that is helping people leave Microsoft.

Here's my notes on upcoming plans.


You should subcribe to the Samba-technical list if you
want to monitor Samba 4 development.

cheers, jerry
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