[Samba] Type of loggon

Heinz Allerberger allerberger at em.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Sep 7 16:07:22 GMT 2004

High Andrea,

I believe, what you describe is a normal behaver from a WinNT Client.
It depends a little bit from the Service Pack. I did not found a way to 
prevent this, only a reboot is the successful and secure way to log out 
from a share.

In my opinion it is a bug into the Windows-software.

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Andrea wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have  the samba 3.0 and is my file server.
> I have set the Security Level to User.
> When a Win Client contact for the first time in the day the server, it 
> ask to client the user and the password.
> If the user and pw are exact the samba server loggin the client.
> After that the client exit to the shared folders in the samba server 
> and do other
> But when it for the second time contact the samba server,
> the server doesn't ask again the user and the password but loggin 
> automatically.
> There is a way for force the authentications every time that the 
> client contact the server,
> not only if the client restart your machines.
> Thanks all
> Andrea Italy

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