[Samba] Type of loggon

Andrea amarin at mr-service.it
Tue Sep 7 15:27:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have  the samba 3.0 and is my file server.
I have set the Security Level to User.
When a Win Client contact for the first time in the day the server, it 
ask to client the user and the password.
If the user and pw are exact the samba server loggin the client.

After that the client exit to the shared folders in the samba server and 
do other
But when it for the second time contact the samba server,
the server doesn't ask again the user and the password but loggin 

There is a way for force the authentications every time that the client 
contact the server,
not only if the client restart your machines.

Thanks all
Andrea Italy

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