[Samba] Sorry, Gerald (Jerry) Carter now please help me

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Sep 7 06:14:18 GMT 2004

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(sorry, I am not Jerry)

>                In the project I am planning to achieve server independency
> , means ---Consider  an organization is having 2 kinds of server SAMBA and
> NFS, then if a request is made from a Samba client and required file is on
> NFS server then the request should get satisfied. I will be planning to
> convert a SAMBA request into a NFS request that is finally be given to the
> NFS server. The client does not care about the thing that to which server
> it has made request.
>                  Also, I have to make the similar thing in case of NFS
> client and SAMBA server. In this way it will help the system administrator
> to achieve a server independency.
> Can anybody please rate this idea as --------
>         very simple
>         simple
>         good to do a project
>          very difficult
>          best one
>          don't do such project.

Sounds quite simple to me: Install samba on an NFS client and you have the 
first part ready. Then take a linux box, smbmount an smb share and reexport 
it via NFS, and you are ready.

BUT: You will get into trouble with

- - file locking
- - authentication (there is _no_ authentication with NFS)
- - permissions
- - speed

I even don't think that such a setup would be useful for a system 
administrator, so better look for something else.

Just my opinion (and I am not Gerald Carter),


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