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| I am a student of computer science. I have in my
| course of study a project to be done. I am interested
| in doing project related to Samba.
| I have got one of the ideas for the project. Can
| anybody be kindly help me regarding this idea? Please
| do reply about this idea.
| In the project I am planning to achieve server
| independency , means ---Consider  an organization is
| having 2 kinds of server SAMBA and NFS, then if a
| request is made from a Samba client and required
| file is on NFS server then the request should get
| satisfied. I will be planning to convert a SAMBA
| request into a NFS request that is finally be given
| to the NFS server. The client does not care about
| the thing that to which server it has made request.

Using Samba as a gateway to NFS has been in use for
a while.  You just NFS mount the remote fs and re-export
via Samba.  No changes necessary.

| Also, I have to make the similar thing in case of
| NFS client and SAMBA server.  In this way it will help
| the system administrator to achieve a server
| independency.

Can't say that I would recommend re-export an smbfs or
cifsvfs file system via NFS.

| If the ideas is not up to the mark, can anybody please
| send me a good idea for the project. Better to have
| a new idea.

Are you looking for network administration projects
or coding projects ?

cheers, jerry
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