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Kristyan Osborne kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk
Mon Sep 6 21:17:35 GMT 2004

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>Kristyan, sorry, i must be explain the situation.
>I have squid and samba in the some server. With squid log, i have the
>list of machines contected to the server. With this ip, i want to do a
>lookup to give the machine name. I build my program in C++, with him i
>audit the squid log to make the ip, but i don't have idea about the
>samba api and libsmbclient api to give the samba name from ip.
>Thank's again.

My best suggestion would be to use the /etc/hosts file. This file (if you have added the entries) will list IPs against hostnames. This will allow you to use programs like ping from the command line using hostnames, and you can use it to cross refernce your squid logs.

If you don't fancy setting up a hosts file, you could set samba up as a WINS server. Then you can cross reference the wins data against the squid logs.


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