Re: [Samba] file context menu takes for ever with 3.0.6, both sernetand suse

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at
Mon Sep 6 21:19:51 GMT 2004

>> I've tested SerNet's ans SuSE's versions of Samba 3.0.6
>> on a test member server. Joining domain, attaching share
>> all works but if I right-click a file, the context menu
>> takes for ever to pop up. If I select Properties, it
>> takes even longer until the dialog box appears.
> i had serveral failures in the past with sernet rpm s
> try suse samba rpms for 8.1 

SerNet's rpms were quite up-to-date. Until 3.0.6 I had no
problems with their builds. Unfortunately, the same problem
affects SuSE's own rpms as well. Did you actuall mean that 
I should use 8.1 rpm for my 8.2 system?

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